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Volume 1 Contents

Brief Communication of Original Research

A PCR Assay Detects Legionella pneumophila Harboring Mobile Element ICE-βox in a Variety of Water Sources

Kaitlin J. Flynn; Alvaro J. Benitez; Jonas M. Winchell; Michele S. Swanson

Electronic Cigarette and Cigarette Smoke Extract Exposure on Abdominal Aorta: A Histochemical Comparison

Anthony N. Hage, BS; Will Krause; Angela Pechota, BS, LVT; Abhijit Ghosh, PhD; Jonathan Eliason, MD

Minimizing Cost Flow for Colorectal Surgery in Michigan

Arjun P. Meka, BS; Todd A. Jaffe, BBA; Daniel Z. Semaan, BS; Uchenna Okoro, BS; Charles Hwang, BS; Joseph Papin IV, BS; Andrew Mullard, MSc; Michael J. Englesbe, MD,; Darrell A. Campbell, MD

Solid Organ Transplant Patients Suffer From Multiple Complications After Sustaining an Emergent Fracture of the Lower Extremities

Alexander T. Reid, BA; Aaron Perdue, MD; James Goulet, MD; Chris Robbins MPA, PhD; Aidin Eslam Pour, MD

Original Research

Using Analytic Morphomics to Predict Long-Term Risk in Kidney Donors

Jake Claflin and Mitchell B. Alameddine; David C. Cron; Michael N. Terjimanian; Jeffrey F. Friedman; Jennifer D. Klei; Calista M. Harbaugh; Adnan Hussain; Seth A. Waits; Stewart C. Wang; Michael J. Englesbe

Factors That Influence the Agreement in Energy Expenditure Assessment in Pediatric Intensive Care Patients

Alexandra K Rzepecki, BS; Audrey L Andrews, BS; Kristen N Wines, BS; Ronald E Dechert, DrPH, MSc, RRT, FAARC

Review Articles

Evaluating Surgeon Scorecards

Shaina Sekhri; James Mossner; Rahul Iyengar; Andrew Mullard; Michael J. Englesbe; Joseph Papin IV

What Should Pre-operative Clinics Do to Optimize Patients for Major Surgery?

Arjun P. Meka, BS; Uchenna Okoro, BS; Todd A. Jaffe, BBA; David Cron, BS; Daniel Z. Semaan, BS; Charles Hwang, BS; Joseph Papin IV, BS; William Palazzolo, PA–C; Meredith Barrett, MD