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Volume 2 Contents

Photo of Editor in Chief

Alisha Lussiez, Editor-in-Chief


Combating the Opioid Epidemic After Surgery
R Howard, M Englesbe
Transforming Medical Education: Academia Meets Innovation
T Novice, A Parikh, R Iyengar


Disrupting Homophily Through SmallWorld
E Brannon, R Cesaro, W Froehlich

Case Reports

Surgical Management of Recurrent Infectious Perivisceral Aortitis With Expanding Aortic Stump Pseudoaneurysm
MA Sherman, JP Knepper, JL Eliason, DM Coleman
Cold Urticaria With an Unusual Response to Cold Stimulation Test
E Sagher, C Holland
The Missing Inferior Loop: Aberrant Ansa Cervicalis Discovered During Left Recurrent Laryngeal Re-Innervation
KM Black, JF Ha, DJ Brown

Brief Communications of Original Research

Chest Radiograph Primer: The Utility of Dedicated Radiology Small Group Learning to the Medical School Curriculum
B Stamm, E Smith, K Klein
Using Device Data to Improve Identication of Intraoperative Femur Fractures in Total Hip Arthroplasty
A Omari, RE Hughes, BR Hallstrom, BM Singal, RM Igrisan, BR Mccardel
Thoracodorsal Artery Perforator Flap for Bilateral Breast Reconstruction: Simultaneous Vs Staged
E Escudero, L Grassano, C Angrigiani, A Rancati, RK Khouri Jr.

Original Research

Analytic Morphomics Describes Body Composition Associated With Diabetes
O Juntila, J Friedman, D Cron, M Terjimanian; M Englesbe, S Wang, C Sonnenday
Value of Cardiothoracic Rotations for General Surgeons
V Rosin, AW Plaska, JS Bevins, AD Lussiez, RM Reddy